HR Departments

HR Departments – Fulltime, Recruitment Help

Are you overwhelmed by costly recruitment of new IT staff? Look no further than Crescens Inc.


Benefits of working with Crescens Inc

    • Reduced downtime

Your human resources staff, do not have to spend time searching the market trying to find the right skills to recruit. We have them already. We just need to do a talent and skill match and get you the right person. This reduces your average downtime by over 50 percent.

    • Reduced recruitment costs

Searching the market for talents can really be costly, especially when you don’t know where to look, which is usually the case. But partnering with us eliminates that process altogether.

    • Reduced staff turnover

We conduct our placement thoroughly by assessing the candidate’s preferences alongside the client needs. We deliver the candidates only to the places they want to be, not just at places they land by chance. As such, more than 95 percent of the candidates we give you will stay on, and save you from the drawbacks of staff turnover.



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